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What is the ‘Human Rights in the Emerging Catholic Church’ Synodal Assembly?

It’s a hybrid event, having both an online/digital and physical/’in person’ presence from the 8th – 14th Oct. 2023. The virtual/digital content will be streamed globally on YouTube and ‘Live’ into the physical venues in Bristol (UK) and Rome (Italy).

Whichever ticket you purchase, you’ll be able to listen in your language on YouTube, once we release the daily links, at whatever time you like, and as often as you like.

It is a first, as far as we know, in that we’re lay-led, that we’re worldwide, and that we’re digital, online and live in-person across the week. ‘Synod’ means ‘walking together’. This is why we’re the emerging church - we are free to hear each other as never before.

Is the Event a Conference?

No. Although some content will be talks, we’re also celebrating - stories, videos, music, poetry. More of a festival, less of a conference. Jesus said of the children, “We played the flute for you”, Matthew 11:17. Zephaniah says, God “will exult over you with loud singing as on a day of festival” (3:17–18). Let’s join the dance!

What is an Unwaged ticket?

These tickets are for people not in employment, retired, student, or experiencing financial hardship. However if you are any of the above and able to pay the full price please do. There are huge costs to recoup.

Are Rome and Bristol the only physical / in-person venues?

Yes, these are our official physical / in-person / live venues for the Event on the final two days Friday 13 and Saturday 14 October.

But feel free to make your own local, live gathering during our week. Gather your friends, your communities to listen in 8-12 October, and engage live on the final two days Friday 13 and Saturday 14.


Please remember that this whole event is being run by volunteers, including our Voices, our speakers, who are so generously giving their time free. But we have scary costs to cover.

So if you can afford an online ticket each in your small community, please purchase according to your budget. If you want to screen in the village centre for a hundred people, please email us for permission and a donation suggestion: and put Group Screening in the subject heading.

We’re doing our utmost to keep this affordable. If you’d like to make a donation to help those who struggle to buy a ticket, please click here. Thank you!

Location of presentations?

Bristol UK, Rome IT and globally online.

Cost of travel?

All our team are volunteers. Our wonderful speakers and contributors are all giving their time freely, in order to make HRECC available across the globe. There is no need to travel anywhere. But do come in person to Bristol or Rome if you can - you’ll be glad you did. Rome will be very crowded in October, but see our super hotel package in Bristol here. You’ll need to make your own travel arrangements - see below.


Chiefly in English. However, all programming 8-14 October will be broadcast on YouTube and ticket holders can choose their own language subtitles. We’d like to provide sign language coverage for the live events - could you volunteer to help with this?


Both our hotel in Bristol and our venue, St Michael’s Centre, are oriented to make access easy and to assist in making your visit as comfortable as possible. See below

ALL BRISTOL Info - Travel, accessibility

Bristol Access & Info here

St Michael’s Centre, Stoke Gifford, Bristol BS34 8PD