Spirit Unbounded

Towards a Beatitudinal church

Spirit Unbounded

Our vision is to create a global network of Catholic reform and other Christian and Ecumenical groups that actively embraces diversity and actively works to include groups marginalized by the hierarchical Church.


  • To bring together a global, lay-led  Christian network for transformational change, firm in the belief of the equal worth and value of all people. 

  • To welcome all reform-minded people, including people from ecumenical communities, the religious & clergy. Women leaders, absent from the hierarchical RCC are especially welcomed. We’re grateful also for support from other Faiths. 

  • To explore theological questions about sexuality, gender and identity, challenging the ideology underpinning the myths of the Teaching Church

  • Drawing on the lessons of civil rights movements we will be bold in our pursuit of radical and incremental reform.

  • To denounce clerical power abuse in all its forms.


  • Our aim is to operate a decentralized, ‘flat’ structure for our network (Heterarchy).

This PowerPoint tells the story of the emergence of SpiritUnbounded.org
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