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THE INVENTION OF TRADITION Response to Those Resisting Synodality - Charlie Gibson Response to Those Resisting Synodality - Charlie Gibson Music: The Porter's Gate Worship Project, 'Have Mercy on Me'
WAYS OF BEING CHURCH - DIFFERENT RHYTHMS Liturgical Ministry - Martha Heizer Liturgical Ministry - Martha Heizer Freedom of Religion - Sherry Purcell Community and Sharing in basic Christian communities, Brazil - Sr Mary Jo McElroy Young Seekers: an information conversation with an International Small Christian Community based in Kenya - led by Alloys Nyakundi Mental Health Chaplaincy and Mysticism - Denis Jackson Music: The Porter's Gate Worship Project, 'Father Let Your Kingdom Come'
SHAKING THE TREE PART FOUR - UNBINDING OUR STORIES: WOMEN FIGHTING FOR THEIR RIGHTS IN LEBANON Catholic tribunals in Lebanon and the Vatican - Huda Khoury Enough! - Khalas Group music video A Witness Speaks - Afraid of the consequences of being identified a witness speaks anonymously about the corruption of Catholic family tribunals in Lebanon Three Women, Three Cases, Three Stories: Women's stories from Catholic tribunals in Lebanon from Sawt Beirut International Music: Marie Louise Cochrane, 'When one is broken'
EXCLUDED BECAUSE OF RACE PART TWO Grace Drifts In: Eucharist - Mary Ellen Chown When the land is well, the people will be well - Pa Ropata Fire Carriers and the Aboriginal Catholic Ministry in Australia - Sherry Balcombe Music: The Porter's Gate Worship Project, 'Nothing to Fear'



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