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LAST CHANCE CHURCH - A PERSONAL STATEMENT James Carroll: Last Chance Church - A Personal Statement
SHAKING THE TREE PART SIX - UNBINDING OUR STORIES: MALE SURVIVORS OF CLERICAL ABUSE SPEAK OUT Seminaries: where priests learn the dark arts of clerical power abuse - Brian Devlin Too Unique? Unwanted and unwelcome - Fr John Glynn Invisible Wounds: what I want Catholics to understand about abuse in the Church - Deacon Larry Norman Music: Marie Louise Cochrane, 'When one is broken'
THE CHURCH OF NOW Being Church in the culture of Submission or Liberation - Raynah Braganza Passanha Clericalism: Lifestyles and Cultures - Kevin Liston Youths are the Church of Now - Benedicta Stella Fortunae World Youth Day Lisbon - Joe Kutty The Triumph of Hope: the story of a second marriage - Rhiannon Parry Thompson Music: The Porter's Gate Worship Project, 'Let Us Be Known'
SHAKING THE TREE PART SEVEN - HOW MANY STORIES WILL IT TAKE? 2013-17 Australian Royal Commission Into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse - Des Cahill Music: Marie Louise Cochrane, 'When one is broken'
MAKING A DIFFERENCE Bridge and Embrace - Ruby Almeida The Synod's Meaning for LGBTQIA+ and ally Catholics - Sam Albano and Marianne Duddy-Burke The Synod and the Grass Roots: Base communities in Spain/El Sínodo y las Bases en España - Raquel Mallavibarrena (también en español original)
MAKING A DIFFERENCE Raquel Mallavibarrena El Sínodo y las Bases: el Sínodo y las comunidades de base en España (en español original)
SHAKING THE TREE PART EIGHT - AND SO, A GLIMPSE INTO THE FUTURE? Kochurani Abraham: Sister in India denied human rights. Causes and prospects for change Hille Haker: Human rights are our rights. Calling for changes in the church Music: When One is Broken (Marie Louise Cochrane/Scottish Laity Network)
BEING AND BELONGING Belonging and Being Church - James Alison Belonging and Being Church - James Alison The Agency of Children in a Life of Faith - Catherine Maresca Gift and Mystery: Children's Rights and Developing a Theology of the Child - Des Cahill Presiding like a Woman and other powers - Nicola Slee Music: The Porter's Gate Worship Project, 'Every Mother, Every Father'
CELEBRATING DIVERSITY, DEEPENING FAITH, INTERFAITH STORIES Christians and Buddhists: stronger together? - Elizabeth Harris Christian-Jewish Dialogue - Margaret Shepherd and Alexandra Wright Continuing Journeys towards a synodal Church - Nicholas Postlethwaite Music: The Porter's Gate Worship Project, 'Declaring Glory'



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