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Online programming was broadcasted from Sunday 8 to Thursday 12 Oct 2023
Tuesday 2 means Programme on Tuesday 10 Oct 2023

Live talks were given in Rome and Bristol on Friday 13 Oct and Saturday 14 Oct 2023

NameTitle (click here to watch video)Day broadcasted
A711Anne’s story – a woman who gave evidence to the UK Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse as A711
Tuesday 2
Kochurani Abraham 1
Awakening the Sleeping Giant: Women Religious and Human Rights in the Indian Church
Wednesday 4

Kochurani Abraham 2

Sisters in India denied human rights: Causes and Prospects for Change
Thursday 6
Sam Albano

The Synods Meaning for LGBTQIA+ and Ally Catholics
Thursday 5
Taiaiake Alfred

Smoke is Still Rising: The Eclipse of Christianity and Resurgence of Indigenous Spirituality among First Nations in Canada
Sunday 2
James AlisonBelonging and Being Church. What’s Catholicism all about?Thursday 7
Ruby AlmeidaBridge and Embrace - An Apostolate of Pastoral Support for LGBT+ Catholics, IndiaThursday 5
AnonA Witness Speaks - Afraid of the consequences of being identified a witness speaks anonymously about the corruption of Catholic family tribunals in LebanonTuesday 4
Luca Badini Confalonieri 1A Constitution Proposed for the Catholic ChurchMonday 4
Luca Badini Confalonieri 2A Scandalous Affair: Papal 'Natural Law' on SexFriday
Anita BairdRace Relations and the Catholic Church: Our Past, Our Present, Our FutureTuesday 5
Sherry BalcombeFire Carriers and the Aboriginal Catholic Ministry in Thornbury, VictoriaTuesday 5
Tina BeattieCatholic Women and the Sensus FideiMonday 4
‘Biggie’I would like the Pope to speak to the President of Uganda….Sunday 6
Cherie BlairTo what extent should Christian/Catholic attitudes and teachings about women change?Sunday 4
Leonardo BoffIn Dialogue with Leonardo Boff: key themes arising from Laudato Si [English and French translations, original Spanish]Monday 5
Helen BondWomen Remembered, Jesus' Female DisciplesFriday
Julie BradleyWelcomeFriday
Pat BrownA letter to the Bishops in England and Wales from Catholic Women’s OrdinationMonday 3
Des Cahill 12013-17 Australian Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual AbuseThursday 4
Des Cahill 2Gift and Mystery – Children’s Rights and Developing a Theology of the ChildThursday 7
Joan Chittister 1Living the Discipleship of EqualsFriday
Joan Chittister 2Press ConferenceSaturday
Joan Chittister 3The Women of Faith keep goingSaturday
James CarrollLast Chance Church: a personal statementMonday 4
Anita ChettiarA religious sister tells her story of clerical sexual abuse and rapeWednesday 4
Prema ChowallurRainbow Home for the rights of Catholic Sexual MinoritiesSunday 6
Mary Ellen Chown 1Sunday Morning at Cowichan BayMonday 5
Mary Ellen Chown 2EucharistTuesday 5
Mary Ellen Chown 3IndulgencesThursday 3
Kathy CollWhat I want Catholics to understand: conversations with abuse survivorsTuesday 2
Mark ColvilleHousing is a Human RightSunday 7
Maggie Conway 1Faithfully Represented? The 22 Synodal Diocesan Syntheses of England & WalesMonday 4
Maggie Conway 2Introduction to Spirit UnboundedFriday
Maggie Conway 3Justice for the Environment and Each OtherSaturday
Cathy CorbittJesus’s teaching of equalityMonday 3
Neilan DSouzaAn emerging church: free from all discrimination and abuseMonday 1
Fr John DaleyI warn you, you will be shockedSunday 5
Nasreen DanielThe Catholic Church in PakistanThursday 7
Yuval David & Mark McDermottQ&A on their film Wonderfully MadeWednesday 6
Brian Devlin 1Seminaries: where priests learn the dark arts of clerical power abuseThursday 2
Brian Devlin 2They tried to bury me .... they didn't know I was a seed: the future of Spirit UnboundedSaturday
Marianne Duddy-Burke 1The Synods Meaning for LGBTQIA+ and Ally CatholicsThursday 5
Marianne Duddy-Burke 2The Synod's Meaning for LGBTQIA+ and Ally CatholicsFriday
Miriam DuignanWhere did the women go?Monday 3
Dolly Wadih El KhabbazKhalas Movement for Women’s Rights - Catholic Family Tribunals in LebanonTuesday 4
Tif EwinsMy Call to Priestly MinistryWednesday 3
Maria Exall 1Worker's Rights, Social Justice, and Catholic ValuesSaturday
Maria Exall 2Justice for the Environment and Each OtherSaturday
Gigi FontanillaWhat I want Catholics to understand: conversations with abuse survivorsTuesday 2
Benedicta Stella FortunaeYouths are the Church of NowThursday 3
Damon GameauWhat is Regeneration?Monday 6
Charlie GibsonResponse to Those Resisting SynodalityTuesday 1
John GlynnToo Unique? Unwanted and unwelcomeThursday 2
Mark Guevarra 1Finding the holy fire within me to seek Gods justice and Christs peaceSunday 6
Mark Guevarra 2The Synod's Meaning for LGBTQIA+ and Ally CatholicsFriday
Nontando HadebeHuman Rights are Indivisible - and based on the principle of equalitySunday 4
Hille Haker 1Shaking the Tree – an introductionSunday 5
Hille Haker 2Confronting the abyss - survivor in conversation with Maggie MathewsSunday 5
Hille Haker 3Centring Catholic Ethics on the liberating GodMonday 1
Hille Haker 4Human rights are our rights: calling for changes in the ChurchThursday 6
Elizabeth HarrisChristians and Buddhists: Stronger Together?Thursday 8
Maeve HeaneyThe Human Faces of Formation: Envisaging the future of priesthoodWednesday 3
Martha Heizer 1Liturgical MinistryTuesday 3
Martha Heizer 2We've already won!Saturday
Miki Herrlein 1Disturbing power - queer activism in the German Catholic ChurchSunday 6
Miki Herrlein 2The Synod's Meaning for LGBTQIA+ and Ally CatholicsFriday
Walter HidalgoThe Spirituality of Hip HopSunday 7
Martha Musonza Holman 1The Role of Women in Modern day ZimbabweFriday
Martha Musonza Holman 2Justice for the Environment and Each OtherSaturday
Paul HwangWe Must Make Change in the Church Possible!Monday 4
Eric IveyIntroduction to film Not Worth KillingSunday 3
Denis JacksonMental Health Chaplaincy and MysticismTuesday 3
Andrew JonesThe Church in Cyberspace – Justice and HealingTuesday 3
Ally KateuszHidden for Centuries: Women Priests in Early Christian Art [English and Spanish versions]Monday 3
KhalasKhalas! Enough! - protest music video by a group of women whose lives are being destroyed by the Catholic Family tribunals in LebanonTuesday 4
Huda KhouryClerical abuse of women - Catholic tribunals in Lebanon and the VaticanTuesday 4
Benedikt KlafkiWho is the church that judges Gods children?Sunday 1
Herbert KleinMy concerns for the deaf community in IndonesiaSunday 7
Mara KleinThe Synod's Meaning for LGBTQIA+ and Ally CatholicsFriday
Joe KuttyWorld Youth Day, LisbonThursday 3
Kevin ListonClericalism: Lifestyles and CulturesThursday 3
Rafael LucianiIt is from the base we can renew the churchWednesday 2
Bernárd LynchSexual Justice in the Catholic ChurchSunday 6
Raquel MallavibarrenaThe Synod and Grass Roots - Base Communities in Spain [English and Spanish versions]Thursday 5
Rosa ManriquezListening, humility and kinship – Justice in the Roman Catholic ChurchWednesday 3
Jamie Manson 1Sex, Gender and the Catholic ChurchSunday 6
Jamie Manson 2How to Use Catholic Teaching to Advocate for JusticeMonday 1
Jamie Manson 3The History of Catholic Teaching About AbortionTuesday 1
Jamie Manson 4The Synod's Meaning for LGBTQIA+ and Ally CatholicsFriday
Jamie Manson 5Who and What are Missing from the Synod, and WhySaturday
Catherine MarescaThe Agency of Children in a Life of FaithThursday 7
Bryan MassingdaleErased from the Narrative - The experience of black clerical abuse victims in the USAMonday 2
Miroslav MaťavkaThe Synod's Meaning for LGBTQIA+ and Ally CatholicsFriday
Maggie MathewsA Witness Testimony - to the people of a distressed dioceseSunday 5
Mary McAleese 1Being denied the Discipleship of EqualsFriday
Mary McAleese 2Press ConferenceSaturday
Mary McAleese 3The Women of Faith keep goingSaturday
Mary Jo McElroyCommunity and Sharing - in basic Christian communities, BrazilTuesday 3
Kate McElweeSynodality from the Grassroots to the VaticanSunday 1
Tracy McEwan and Kathleen McPhillips 1Women in LeadershipSunday 4
Tracy McEwan and Kathleen McPhillips 2Women’s LabourSunday 4
Bridget Mary Meehan 1It’s Time to Get Out of the Boat and Walk on WaterWednesday 3
Bridget Mary Meehan 2Roman Catholic Women Priests; Gospel Inclusivity, Equality and HospitalityFriday
Penelope MiddelboeIntroduction to Spirit UnboundedFriday
Shawna Bluestar NewcombChoosing Harmony: From Domination to ReverenceSaturday
Shawna and Steven NewcombIntroduction to Doctrine of Discovery – Unmasking the Domination Code filmTuesday 6
Steven NewcombDoctrine of Domination, Holocaust of WomenSaturday
Sr Josée NgalulaBreaking the silence in Africa: clerical sexual violence in the Democratic Republic of CongoMonday 2
Larry NormanInvisible Wounds- what I want Catholics to understand about abuse in the ChurchThursday 2
Claudia NothellePassing on the fire: Catholics in Germany and the Synodal PathFriday
Alloys NyakundiYoung Seekers - an informal conversation with an international Small Christian Community based in KenyaTuesday 3
Emmah Gesare NyakundiEmmah’s GardenSunday 7
Thomas O’LoughlinEquality, Dignity and NeighbourlinessMonday 4
Diarmuid O’MurchuReworking the Tradition. Towards Non-Imperial DiscipleshipSunday 1
Paola Lazzarini OrruWatching power up close: women in the Italian churchFriday
Oscar Romero Group SISCAL and CONVIDA20The Discipleship of Equals - Armando Márquez, Sulman Hincapié, Maricarmen Montes[English and Spanish versions]Monday 1
Rhiannon Parry Thompson 1The Triumph of HopeMonday 1
Rhiannon Parry Thompson 2Justice for the Environment and Each OtherSaturday
Raynah Braganza PassanhaBeing Church in a culture of Submission or Liberation!Thursday 3
Pam PerryA Future for a new Church - a statement of supportSunday 4
Nicholas Postlethwaite 1Continuing journeys towards a synodal ChurchThursday 8
Nicholas Postlethwaite 2Justice for the Environment and Each OtherSaturday
Sherry PurcellFreedom of ReligionTuesday 3
Nameeta RenuJesus Christ is Risen and Alive - so hasn’t the In Persona Christi motif been stretched too far?Monday 3
Pa RopataWhen the land is well, the people will be wellTuesday 5
Elissa Roper 1Clericalism (and the Holy Spirit) Part 1Wednesday 2
Elissa Roper 2Clericalism (and the Holy Spirit) Part 2Wednesday 2
Angela SainiPatriarchy: Where Did It All Begin?Sunday 1
Virginia SaldanhaThe Role of the People of God - in the leadership and governance of the synodal ChurchWednesday 2
SBIThree Women, Three StoriesTuesday 4
Kerry ScarlettA Justice Seeking ChurchThursday 8
Margaret ShepherdChristian-Jewish dialogueThursday 8
Nicola Slee 1Presiding like a Woman, Abba AmmaThursday 7
Nicola Slee 2Ecclesiastical HedgesWednesday 3
Shanon SterringerGospel Reading and Homily - the Parable of the Sower, Matthew 13: 1-9Wednesday 3
Francis SullivanA Mockery of the Church’s Moral Leadership – Child Sexual AbuseWednesday 5
Makareta TawaroaWhen the River is Well, We are Well - for we are the river and the river is usSunday 2
Joan TaylorWomen Remembered, Jesus' Female DisciplesFriday
Nate Tinner-WilliamsRacism in the Catholic ChurchSunday 2
Mary VarleyFrom Silence to Speech - Introducing Shaking the TreeSunday 5
Olga Velez CaroWomen in the Church[English and Spanish versions]Monday 3
Marie Venner 1Fighting for Climate Safety - Clean Air & Life for All Now and for Future GenerationsMonday 5
Marie Venner 2Justice for the Environment and Each OtherSaturday
Jim WallisWho is my neighbor?Wednesday 1
Linda WoodheadThe Weapons and Armour of the Abuser - Abuse in religious contexts and the intersections of powerWednesday 5
World Meeting of Popular Movements4th World Meeting of Popular Movements - The Power of WEWednesday 1
Alexandra WrightChristian-Jewish dialogueThursday 8
Katherine ZapponeVoice, Love and Freedom - a Global Formula for Transformational ChangeMonday 1