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Priest (Liberal Catholic)

Living in the Divine Well

In June 25, 2022 I was ordained a Priest in the Liberal Catholic (OCAC) Church at Wimborne in Dorset. So, I am now Rev Liz Maitland. This is exciting for me as I have had a calling to ordination since I was 19 years old (1975). It has taken me this long because in those days women were not priests. Nowadays women are priests in the Anglican and free churches and it’s about time that the Roman Catholic Church caught up with the times. 

I was brought up in an Anglican Christian family but felt that it lacked heart and soul. So, when I discovered the Catholic Church, with all the Angels, Saints, Mary Mother of God and the belief that the bread and wine becomes the body and blood of Christ, this was an answer to prayer. Getting confirmed a Catholic at aged 24 was a breakthrough and attending Mass, working as a qualified Religious Education Teacher and training as a Catechist in 2013; all helped in this calling to ordination. I feel it is now time that the Pope and leaders in the Catholic Church recognise that stopping women from pursuing their calling to ordination causes great suffering and torture. 

I was unable to live in the Divine Will from 1975 until 1997 when I became born again. This meant that I had severe Mental Health problems that lead to suicidal feelings and a struggle with the psychiatric system. Pope Francis talks about showing mercy to women so we can live in peace and justice. Being consecrated a Priest has helped in my Ministry of leading Funerals in Leicester and helping the homeless be empowered by Christian Coaching to fulfil their destiny. 

It is God’s will that all those who have a calling and listen to Jesus’ great commission will be ordained to preach, teach and baptise. Let us stand up as the church’s congregation and be encouraged to do God’s Mission (Missio Dei) and live in the Divine Will.