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Fiction writer & poet, Catholic, 60s, USA

My XXX was refused last rites for admitting to contracepting

I was 8 when my Mom, who was 30 at the time with 4 children (8, 7, 5 & 4 years) was gravely ill in hospital with sepsis. She was refused last rites by the hospital priest when he observed she had no children under 4 years and she admitted to taking contraception.

My Mom had four young children, no money and a troubled husband (my Father) when she became dangerously ill with sepsis in hospital. The medical team believed she was dying and called the hospital priest to administer last rites. The priest arrived, and observed that my Mom had not had a child in 4 years. My dying mother admitted to using contraception.

The hospital priest made his decision. He denied my Mom absolution and went on his way. XXXXXX