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Priest, former parochial administrator, trained in biblical studies at the Biblical Institute in Rome, 70s, UK

I was removed from my parish after anonymous accusations about my theology

I was working in a well-functioning parish which I loved when the Vicar General told me that anonymous complaints had been made about my ten ‘Failings’ in my interpretation of scripture as a scholar of theology.

The failings include using the older preferred liturgy, using non-alcoholic wine on an occasion when alcoholics were present, supporting vocations to the priesthood for the married and for women, LGBTQ rights, interfaith dialogue and some nonsensical misinterpretation of my scriptural teaching, which I would not even grace with a reply. 

I am fairly sure that no-one in my parish made the complaints. There was trust between me and my parishioners and they came to me when they had questions. They are in fact very angry at what has happened to me and have written extensively to my Vicar General and to my order.

The Vicar General made no attempt to identify my accuser but accepted the complaints as if they were facts. I have answered all the accusations in detail, but there has been no response to me. I have simply been removed. My ministry, which I loved, has been ended without any opportunity to appeal.