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BEARING WITNESS TO TRUTHFULNESS Katherine Zappone: Voice, Love & Freedom Neilan D'Souza: An Emerging Church Hille Haker: Centering Catholic Ethics Jamie Manson: How to Use Catholic Teaching to Advocate for Justice Armando Márquez, Sulman Hincapié & Maricarmen Montes (también en español original): The Discipleship of Equals Music: Wood and Nails (Porter's Gate Worship Project)
BEARING WITNESS TO TRUTHFULNESS Amando Márquez, Sulman Hincapié y Discipulado de Iguales Maricarmen Montes (en español original): Discipulo de Iguales
HIDDEN FOR CENTURIES Where did the women go? - Miriam Duignan Hidden for Centuries: Women Priests in Early Christian Art - Ally Kateusz Women in the Church - Olga Consuelo Vélez Caro Jesus's teaching of equality - Cathy Corbitt Jesus Christ is Risen and Alive so hasn't the In Persona Christi motif been stretched too far? - Nameeta Renu A letter to the Bishops in England and Wales from Catholic Women's Ordination - Pat Brown Music: The Porter's Gate Worship Project, 'Bring in the Year of Jubilee'
HIDDEN FOR CENTURIES Olga Consuelo Vélez Caro: Las Mujeres en la Iglesia (en español original)
THE UPSIDE-DOWN PYRAMID Equality, Dignity and Neighbourliness - Thomas O'Loughlin Catholic Women and the Sensus Fidei - Tina Beattie A Constitution Proposed for the Catholic Church - Luca Badini Confalonieri Last Chance Church: A Personal Statement - James Carroll We must make Change in the Church Possible! - Paul Hwang Faithfully Represented? The 22 Synodal Diocesan Syntheses of England and Wales - Maggie Conway MUSIC: We Labour Unto Glory (Porter's Gate Worship Project)
ECOLOGY Grace Drifts In: Sunday Morning at Cowichan Bay - Mary Ellen Chown In Dialogue with Leonardo Boff: Key themes arising from Laudato Si (Recorded May 2020) Fighting for Climate Safety: Clean air and life for all now and for future generations - Marie Venner Music: The Porter's Gate Worship Project, 'Declaring Glory'
ECOLOGY Leonardo Boff y Mark Hathaway En Diálogo con Leonardo Boff (sobre temas clave derivadas de la encíclica Laudato Si grabada en Mayo de 2020 - en español original)
ECOLOGY Leonardo Boff et Mark Hathaway En Dialogue avec Leonardo Boff (sur les questions clés soulevées par l'encyclique LAudato Si enregistré en Mai 2020 - traduction simultanée en français)
WHAT IS REGENERATION? Damon Gameau, Nick Maher and The "2040" team: Short film This is a rousing call to action to join a global movement of Regenerators who are working to heal our ecosystems



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